Troublesome Viking Queen
I'm Cam. Danish - born and bred. Queen of Volscians. Radical feminist. Misanthrope. Anti-religion. Religions are disgusting and I don't care if you're offended or insulted. If you think an ancient book written by sexist and barbaric men can be used to guide government or people today - then you're deluded and you need to gtfo. I like books, tea, several tv-series that I´m way to lazy to name, cats, other baby animals, Music, written roleplays, and feminism - obviously. Now, I reblog whatever the hell I feel like - as it is my blog and I am quite sure my askbox is open to everybody - even pesky anons - if you got something to say.
No, you are a misogynist because you are completely disregarding the fact that women who are in BDSM, D/s, DD/lg relationships are in them by choice. You are taking away their choice to express their sexuality and shaming them for it. SO much for girl power, eh? You're need to make women feel like less than what they are because their sexual preferences don't match up to yours is appalling to say the least.

Socialization and media influence has enormous impact, and any choice a woman makes, does not make it feminist. It really doesn’t. Its idiotic to think so. 

I’m calling them fools, and telling them that their kinks are disgusting. Mostly if they claim to be feminists, because fucking really? 

*Your need. Um, not a need. Just like sex isn’t a need. It is simply a fun way to pass time. You kinksters get so upset, its hilarious and somewhat pitiful.

Um, if their sexual ‘preferences’ are getting off on sexualized violence, making rape into a ‘play’, and thus trivializing it. Making wannabe pedophilia into a ‘play’. Sexualizing Nazism and slavery. All of that isn’t okay. It is sick. I couldn’t give a shit of it was something that didn’t harm anyone. Like some getting off on ballons and a footfetish. That shit ain’t harming anyone or sexualizing problematic issues. 

ORGASMS ABOVE ALL ELSE. Typical kinkster mindset —’