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I'm Cam. Danish - born and bred. Queen of Volscians. Radical feminist. Misanthrope. Anti-religion. Religions are disgusting and I don't care if you're offended or insulted. If you think an ancient book written by sexist and barbaric men can be used to guide government or people today - then you're deluded and you need to gtfo. I like books, tea, several tv-series that I´m way to lazy to name, cats, other baby animals, Music, written roleplays, and feminism - obviously. Now, I reblog whatever the hell I feel like - as it is my blog and I am quite sure my askbox is open to everybody - even pesky anons - if you got something to say.
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#Repost from @junglebarbiejulia FULL STORY. On the night of August 10 2013 I went to DC for my birthday to go to “Park Place”, an upscale restaurant. Upon my arrival at the entrance, at 11:30pm, before going to stand in the very long line I went to ask a patrolling officer where a nearby restroom was and before I could utter the words, I was met with an elbow and a right punch to my face. I was instantly knock out. My police report (which has changed numerous times this year) say I was arrest and processed at 1:50 am which is 2 hours that I was unaccounted for. I was left on the floor and when I woke up I was bleeding in multiple places with drag marks on my toes, my wrist were cut by the cuffs, the back of my head and arms were lumpy. The officers wouldn’t tell me why I was in jail and I overheard them saying what should we charge her with? We can’t say domestic, we don’t know who she is with. After pleading and begging to go to the hospital, I was met with more hostility before they finally let me go to the hospital the next days upon my release I had a rape kit done because I don’t know any thing that happened to me while knocked out and it came back positive for semen. They sent messages from my phone while I was detained. Internal Affairs came and confiscated my clothing (they never returned them) and they stole my rape kit. As of today I am facing charges for fighting a bouncer outside of the Lima Club, I was never there and its 5 minutes away from Park driving, also 5 officers that responded after I punched the manager to I was apparently Mike Tyson because when I woke up in jail I had the strength and gumption to fight some more officers in there. When the video was requested both clubs said they lost them. They follow me and stalk my home to this day, I have caught DC police trying to get in my home when they thought I had left, even the Baltimore cops help protect them, one in the rape department even asked me out on a date while my face was still battered. I have been trying to tell my story on IG only to find that police officers or this hired by then have been spamming my hashtag #justiceforjulia with blasphemous pictures. Please share her story.


This is the video from the stills posted!!!
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The Dandenong Ranges in Fog  by Jacqueline Barkla
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Pink Tree | (by Chanarthip Siriviriyapoon)
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Moonlit Night on Annabessacook  by Paul Whitworth


You lot are going to hate me for this, but I’ve always shipped Krumione.

naahh why, Krum was great!

I will forever ship Krumione, I dunno why but I never ever liked Ron. I totally identified with ‘Mione and I just found him intensely annoying. I´d rather ship Harry or Draco with ‘Mione than I would ship her with Ron.


the next person i see referring to laverne cox as a man is going to get their eyeballs ripped out

Laverne Cox is male,she will remain male until death and that is a biological fact that won’t ever change despiet hormone treatments, surgeries, make-up and ‘feminine’ behaviour.

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I’ supposed to be considering my SRP, and I´m thinking choosing Radical Feminism as my topic since there is a lot of literature on the subject, I’d have to narrow it down a bit at some point though. 

I have to combine two subject to make it work, though. it would have been cool to bring in psychology, but it’s supposed to be A or B-level subjects. Either it´l be English/Social Science, History/Social Science . Danish/Social Science, English/History. 

I won’t be writing it before December, but we get to choose the major stuff like topic and subjects, then our teachers will write us our issue and we´ll work out 15-20 pages about it. 



One of the worst things we do to people with depression is teach them they are victims and not fighters. 

Even if they are somehow able to overcome the stigma against mental illness, even if they are brave enough to ask for help, they are still told that they are weak. Only, it isn’t their fault they are weak. It’s the depression. 

But here’s the thing: You are never stronger than when you are fighting for your life. It takes more strength to get out of bed in the morning when you are depressed than it does if you aren’t. The mere act of functioning while depressed is resilience. It is bravery.  

We reserve words like “fighter” and “survivor” for people who struggle with physical illnesses. But try to imagine how much a depressed person needs words like that.

A depressed person, in the throws of their illness, feels, on top of everything, shame. They feel like they weren’t strong enough. They feel helpless. 

To people battling depression, I urge you to embrace the fact that you are a fighter. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, even if you’ve been conditioned to see yourself as a victim, you are brave, you are strong, you are surviving.

And you deserve more credit than you get for that. 

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Wonderful  by Jan-Arne Pettersen
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I fucking hate cooking and baking. My place is certainly not in a kitchen, unless you can live off regular omelettes, japanese omelettes, rice, rice mixes,  pasta, wok, ramen, one kind of soup, banana pancakes and Frikadeller if you’re lucky. That is not varied diet. It is cheap but not varied.

I cannot cook meat, probably cause I hate like 97 percent of all meat - i think it’s disgusting and I don’t know how it’s supposed to taste, so how can I make it taste good? Also, i don’t want to touch it <.< 

I do not have the patience, and my cakes always end up tasting effing weird.  Like, the american cookies I tried to make last Friday, I couldn’t follow the instruction precisely because what the hell is a stick of butter? Vanilla extract? Where do you want me to buy that? It’s not in any regular supermarket here. 

I’d rather just mow the lawn or help my dad with his MC or clean. Don’t make me bake anything unless you wanna risk poisoning.  

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my anaconda don’t want none





This is a very important website. Please spread the link.

Hey sex workers!